• Infographic | Investment Crowdfunding creates opportunities for start-up business and, in return, strengthens the economy.
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A prosperous economy benefits everyone. By becoming involved in investment crowdfunding, you can help boost the economy as well. Imagine the economic impact that could be made if we used a portion of the money we spend on nonessential products to invest in small businesses.

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Investment Crowdfunding Infographic | iCrowd

I couldn't see it either.
But just left clicking on the image redirected to a large and quite clear version of if.
Posted Apr 11 '13 07:08 PM
I can't see the Infographic for some reason?
Posted Mar 16 '13 03:33 PM
MInd you, it didn't seem terribly educational. How many jobs are those cups of coffee already funding?
Posted Apr 11 '13 07:11 PM
Thanks for your help guys, I can see the image now! I posted the link to my Facebook.
Posted Mar 29 '13 10:51 PM
Hi, try seeing it here: http://www.icrowdipo.com/images/iCrowd-Investment-Crowdfunding-infographic.png
Posted Mar 17 '13 12:35 PM
Maybe trying a different browser will help? Also make sure you have the latest updates for Java, Adobe, and your Operating Systems?
Posted Mar 16 '13 04:56 PM

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