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How do you make your business a success? The right combination of funding, marketing, strategy, and organization. That's what you will find at iCrowd. Come to iCrowd to ask questions, find advisers, and build networks of supporters as you prepare to raise money through Investment Crowdfunding. When regulations are finalized, fund your business at iCrowd.

If you're an investor, come to iCrowd to see emerging companies build the platforms for their success. If you have an area of expertise, we have lots of ways for you to share it. You can't invest yet, but you can gain exposure to exciting companies.


  • Raise money

    When regulations are finalized, you will be able to fund your business by appealing to individuals eager to invest in exciting companies. In the meantime we provide the tools to make your business a success. We will offer an easy process for you to interact with investors and raise the money you need.

  • Learn to start and grow your business

    You need the right advice and education to start and grow a business. With the Entrepreneur Academy, and the ability to Ask the iCrowd for guidance, you get what you need to be a success. You can also create an Advisory Board to assemble your own team of experts.

  • Build a network

    A strong business network is critical for success. iCrowd gives you the tools to create your own network. Find people with the experience and capabilities you need to get the best help and advice. Create an Advisory Board by assembling just the right mix of people to help your business grow and thrive.

  • Test and hone your idea

    Soon you will be able to test your business idea and gauge reactions from the iCrowd. Use it to refine your approach, build your team, and develop a network of enthusiasts for your business.

  • Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?

    Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy step to take. Browse through the Entrepreneur Academy and Ask the iCrowd questions to find out if you’ve got what it takes to make the leap.

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  • Find an investment opportunity

    Check out the business listings created by the iCrowd community. Find the ones you think are promising and intriguing.

  • Invest in something meaningful

    iCrowd makes sure you find the right match. Invest in your community. Help a friend or family member launch their startup. Find an opportunity to promote a business that is personally important to you.

  • Follow the "experts"

    Follow the actions of others to see where they are investing. Or, maybe you’ll be the expert who others can look to for investment advice and strategies.

  • Help a startup succeed

    Entrepreneurs need guidance and strong networks to help them start or grow a business. This is your opportunity to be a valued contributor and provide valuable advice and support. If you invest, become part of the team that helps make a startup thrive!

  • Provide your expertise

    Both entrepreneurs and investors know something about something, right? The power of this collective knowledge is awesome! Become a contributor and add your own thoughts and ideas to discussions about potential investments. Provide answers to questions from the iCrowd community. Join an Advisory Board to offer your advice. Ask your own questions to understand more about investing.

  • Get connected

    Start or join an iCrowd investment group and contribute to discussions. Follow other investors and be followed by them. Help an entrepreneur get started. Join an Advisory Board to offer your advice and expertise. Become a startup’s "brand evangelist."

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