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iCrowd gives you access to the resources of New Rye Securities (member FINRA and SIPC) so that you can invest in private companies online. Accredited Investors have an exclusive introduction to the deal flow of private company investments. iCrowd provides the gateway to management, offering documents, and investor discussions to select investments that may be right for you.

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There is no "I" in Entrepreneur™ is our unique rallying cry to encourage you to partner with us to get you the resources you need to succeed. All companies need money to start and to grow. Through New Rye Securities (member FINRA and SIPC), iCrowd allows businesses to raise money online. Not all businesses will qualify.

iCrowd helps businesses succeed find financing by providing access to the resources of New Rye Securities (member FINRA and SIPC). New Rye Securities is a broker-dealer that specializes in raising capital for private companies by facilitating the sale of securities to investors. These investors meet certain minimum income or net worth tests and are generally referred to as "accredited investors".

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The term "Confidential Information" shall exclude any information that, at any given time:
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